I recently had this 1986 MK IV/ SERIES 80 solid steel Colt Mustang hand engraved by Dennis Reigel (Master engraver and member of Firearms Engravers Guild of America)...His unique style is often compared to the famous Colt engraver Louis Daniel Nimschke...It is finished in French grey...The stock plastic trigger was replaced with a black aluminum trigger and a reliability package and trigger job was also completed by Pedro Ortiz (expert gunsmith) of Ortiz Firearms in Savannah Ga.... The small parts are all factory blue....The grips are custom made Giraffe bone with impossible to find deep dish genuine Colt custom PEWTER medallions to accentuate the vintage look of this beautiful pistol... I have not fired it since it has had any of the above done to it (including engraving)... It will come with no box and instead will come in the shown blue genuine Colt gun rug (brand new old stock)... Although this is easily an heirloom gun Mr Reigel says it is intended to be carried and appreciated... ONE OF A KIND PISTOL... YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED... Be sure your FFL will accept a shipment from a non FFL... I will include my identification necessary to complete the transaction... I am not an FFL SHIPPING is $40