BLASER R8 LUXUS , LEFT HAND, 257 WBY . ALL OTHER CALIBERS AVAILIABLE. WITH THE IC SYSTEM WHEN YOU TAKE THE SAFETY OFF THE RED DOT IN THE SCOPE AUTOMATICALLY TURNS ON. WHEN THE SAFETY IS BACK ON THE RED DOT IN THE SCOPE SHUTS OFF. OUR NAME HAS CHANGED FROM MAD DOG GUNS GLOBAL. TO TOP DOG GUNS GLOBAL. ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST BLASER DEALERS. STILL ALL THINGS BLASER, STILL THE SAME GREAT SERVICE AND STILL A HUGE INVENTORY OF BLASERS AND ACCESSORIES. MUST BE A ACCOMPANIED WITH BLASER SCOPE WITH THE IC ALSO. YOUR CHOICE OF SIDEPLATES ( SHOWN BELOW ) THIS IS THE R8 MODEL FROM BLASER. ALL OF THE GREAT BLASER FEATURES PLUS MORE. A New Era of Perfection "The beginning of a new era of perfection", is how Blaser CEO Bernhard Knoebel has named the launch of the new Blaser bolt action rifle R8 in his preface of the brand-new catalog. For the past five years, there has been one lingering question for the hunters and engineers at Blaser, regarding the Blaser bolt action rifle R93: How can this technically superior concept be taken to the next level? In order to answer this question the Blaser engineers, most of them passionate hunters themselves, kept a close connection to hunters around the world in order to respond to their requests. Detachable Magazine When the development of the R8 actually started the detachable magazine was right at the top of the optimization list. Blaser found an ergonomically superior solution that essentially supports fast and intuitive handling. Magazine and trigger unit merged into one compact module. The magazine buttons are positioned right above the trigger guard. Thus, the magazine can be released blindly and within a split second. When removing the magazine, the R8 automatically de-cocks and once the magazine is removed, the cocking slide cannot engage anymore. Today, this is a very important safety feature securing the rifle against misuse by unauthorized persons. Blaser Precision Trigger The detachable magazine is just one of a multitude of innovations that turn the R8 into the new worldwide benchmark when it comes to bolt action rifles. Enhancing the reliable and precise performance of the trigger posed a very special engineering challenge that has been brilliantly mastered. The new Blaser Precision Trigger breaks crisp as glass at a trigger pull of 1.9 lbs. Thanks to its extremely short release time it turns the shooter’s thought impulse immediately into an accurate shot. The innovative design does not rely on a spring to reset the trigger after firing, which marks the next leap in rifle technology. The desmodromic trigger mechanism offers unsurpassed reliability in extreme conditions such as freezing rain and blowing dust. Perfect Stock In order to make shooting with the R8 as comfortable and safe as possible, Blaser attached immense importance to optimizing the stock, reaching a new level of perfection here, too. Different from traditional stock shapes the straight comb of the R8 diverts recoil forces horizontally on the shoulder. This results in increased muzzle stability and a substantial reduction of felt recoil. Thanks to a steeper angle, the palm support and a distinct cast, the R8 pistol grip provides a relaxed hand position allowing for controlled shooting and better shooting results. Design Besides achieving maximum performance, Blaser gave particular attention to superior style and design. Concave and convex lines discreetly shape the rifles appearance. Contours of stock, action, mount and bolt handle blend perfectly, giving the R8 a dynamic and unequaled elegance. ALL AUCTIONS SUBJECT TO INSTORE SALES. PICTURE IS REPRESENTATIVE OF STOCK ONLY. .