Colt Officers Model Match 22LR, 6" Blue, Excellent

Colt Officers Model Match, .22LR. This 6" barrel, six shot, blued revolver is in excellent condition. Tiny bit of blue wear at the leading edge of the muzzle is about the only wear I see on the revolver. If you've never owned, much less fired, one of these revolvers, you've missed out on a great, hand honed action that Colt was famous for. Stocks look correct and are not chipped or dinged. I think the serial number indicates about a 1965 production date. This revolver is a consignment, and comes with a generic Colt box that is probably correct for the period, but isn't the original box for the gun, so no fakery coming off here. Satisfaction guaranteed on this revolver; my standard three day non firing inspection period applies. NO SALES WHERE PROHIBITED. Texas residents subject to state sales tax. Shipping, to your FFL, via UPS Second Day Air, CONUS, insured, is $50.00. I will accept your credit card at no "surcharge". Please, no trade offers.