Nazi DLV Glider Pilots Dagger

This Glider Pilot's Dagger is in exceptional condition. The hilt mounts are the early nickel type. The pommel is in good condition, with its three stages. The center block of the dagger has the medallion insert, which features an enamel swastika on both the obverse and reverse. The obverse swastika is just slightly turned to about 11 o'clock. The reverse swastika has a small tap in the center, but the enamel is still sound. The crossguard arms are pristine and crisp. The Moroccan leather covered carved wood grip is a beauty. This leather still has all of the grain and is in choice condition. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell also has beautiful leather, exactly matching the grain and color of that seen on the grip. Except for a very small portion of the upper edge, this leather covering remains in perfect condition. The scabbard mounts are also in fine condition. These mounts also have 100% of their silvering, and appear to have most of their original lacquer as well. The lower ball is in good condition. These mounts are retained by flatter-style side screws which are unbuggered and in place. Attached to the carrying ring is a good conditioned brown leather short hanger, as well as the original belt loop. The leather throughout both parts are in excellent condition. The snap clip is an unmarked nickel type, which also still has the silvered finish and 100% of the frosting intact. he blade of this example is the best you will see. It is in full, stone Mint condition, with a needle-like tip as well as 100% of the original cross grain. This beautiful blade is etched, on the reverse, with the double oval logo of the E&F Hörster firm. The original blade buffer is in place. The buffer appears to be in mint condition. A very fine, late-production NSFK Dagger here; we don't see many in this fine a condition.